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Trading With GANN Square Of 9 Calculator

Please Enter below the LTP (after 9.30 a.m) of the NSE/BSE Nifty or any Index or Stock script for which you need to calculate Intraday Resistance and Support levels as well as Stock Targets and Stoploss recommendation based on Gann's Square of Nine method. Also see below Casestudy if you want to know how it worked for me.
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Gann Square of 9
10.56 11.39 12.25
16 15.01 14.06

The Gann's calculated Resistance and Support levels for the provided LTP value above is as given below for Intraday only.
Gann Resistance and Support Levels
Resistance & Support Levels
Resistance 1Resistance 2Resistance 3Resistance 4Resistance 5
Support 1Support 2Support 3Support 4Support 5

You can use the below Gann's Recommended Targets and Stoploss for the stock/Index for Intraday only.
Gann Recommendation for Targets and Stoploss
Buy at / above: 10.56   Targets: 11.38 - 12.24 - 13.13 - 14.05
Stoploss : 9.76
Sell at / below: 9.76   Targets: 9 - 8.26 - 7.56 - 6.89
Stoploss : 10.56

GANN Square of 9 FAQ

What is a GANN Calculator or GANN Square of 9 Calculator?

The GANN Square is derived from Spiral Chart by GANN. The GANN square of 9 is a 9×9 grid. There is a “start number” and defined increments from this “start number” ultimately create the spiral square. This theory is mainly used in an intraday calculator and is very easy to use. Use our GANN calculator below. Mobile users need to scroll horizontally to see the full calculator below.

Does Gann Square of 9 works?

GANN theory is a way to mathematically represent the supports and resistances in the market. Since we started observing this theory from 2009 I have seen it has an uncanny accuracy for intraday trading. No technical knowledge is required. It is simply a “set and forget” method to trade.

What is Gann Theory?

GANN Square of 9 means there is 9 x 9 = 81 numbers in a geometrical structure. It has seen that the price pattern follows a certain geometrical pattern. W. D. Gann formulated these patterns in his theory of the technical analysis and this is known as the GANN theory.